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Zandvoort 1975, My First Foreign Grand Prix

In 1975 I went to my first foreign Grand Prix. The decision to go Dutch was made in a pub one evening after work when I got chatting to a girl who was a travel agent. She told me that … read more

Thoughts From Silverstone

Silverstone may not be my favourite circuit but I was pleased to be there for the British Grand Prix after Covid had put pay to all my other planned trips. And Silverstone was looking like going the same way after … read more

The One That Really Did Get Away (Tribute to Carlos Reutemann).

  Formula One like any sport has its ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’ and because each Grand Prix can only have one winner and each season can only have one World Champion, there will always be plenty of hard luck stories. In … read more

Why Every Formula One Fan Should Visit Baku

Whatever may be wrong with the current breed of Formula One cars there is no denying they are seriously fast and anyone with an interest in Grand Prix racing should experience them live at least once to truly appreciate just … read more

F1 in Covid Year 2 – A Fan’s Perspective

We are now almost half way through the calendar year and a quarter way through the current Grand Prix season. This year is last year’s ‘next year’ when things, if not back to normal, were at least supposed to be … read more

The 1997 Season

My personal reminisces of bygone seasons has reached 1997 and the second time in four years that the Championship was decided at the final round by some very dubious and controversial driving. Williams had dispensed with the services of their … read more

Grand Prix Programmes – A Glimpse of the Past.

Sometimes when I have a moment to spare I like to browse through my old Grand Prix programmes, particularly those from the 1970s and a time before Grands Prix became the pro-forma, pre-packaged, one-size-fits-all events they have since become. A … read more

The 1996 Season

My personal reminisces of bygone seasons has reached 1996 and one of total domination by the Williams-Renault team who won 12 of the 16 rounds to become double Drivers and Constructors Champions. They had recruited reigning CART Champion and Indy … read more

The 1995 Season

My personal reminisces of bygone seasons has reached 1995 which saw a continuation of the battle for the Championship between Michael Schumacher (Benetton) and Damon Hill (Williams). Their rivalry had not reached the level of intensity of Ayrton Senna and … read more

Photographing the 2020 Season

It was looking as if my 2020 season was going to be a complete write-off when the Vietnam and Singapore Grands Prix were cancelled followed by Silverstone and Spa being designated as ‘closed-door’ events. In fact at one stage it … read more