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Entertainment or Technical Limitations?

Formula One is not about entertainment, it never has been. That is just a spin-off. It is about technology and performance. The current crop of cars are so aerodynamically efficient they are unable to follow each other close enough to … read more

Historic Formula One

I have a thing for Grand Prix cars of the 1970s and in particular those from 1973 to 1975.   It’s not that I’m stuck in a time warp or necessarily believe that things were better back then, it’s just … read more

The Azerbaijan Grand Prix

I must admit, Azerbaijan had never featured on my list of countries to visit, but once Baku became the latest of Bernie’s unlikely Grand Prix outposts, it was only a matter of time before I would be going there. And … read more

The 1985 Season

My personal reminisces of bygone seasons has reached 1985, one that produced eight different winning drivers from its sixteen rounds as well as the first to be all turbo. The diversity of winners, however, owed as much to the propensity … read more

Gearing Up For a New Season

  As the days get longer and the weather gets warmer so comes the anticipation of a new Formula One season with the hope that it will bring close competition and a Championship that is not all over by August. … read more

Formula One’s Brave New World? – I’m Still Waiting

Amidst much rejoicing and more than a little relief, Formula One came under new ownership for the 2017 season with its new custodians claiming to ‘usher in a new approach of consensual decision making and twenty-first century sports business management … read more

It’s All in The Timing – The Lost Art of Photography

There’s a wonderfully evocative photo that gets posted on twitter every so often of Chris Amon’s Ferrari at the Nordschleife in the 1968 German Grand Prix obviously taken by a professional but as usual, not credited. The car is passing … read more

Photographing the 2017 Season

One of my pleasures in attending a Grand Prix is to come away with at least one photograph that captures the character and nature of the circuit armed with only the cheapest general admission ticket. Plenty of scope for first … read more

Four Good, Four Bad – My 2017 Season

Here are four of the good and four of the not so good on reflection of my 2017 Grand Prix travels. Firstly, to be positive, and in no particular order as they say on the best TV talent shows, here … read more

The Mexican Grand Prix

My first ever visit to Mexico was the final stop in a trip that started in Boston Massachusetts for some whale-watching then to Chicago for some pizza-eating and finally Mexico City for the Grand Prix. Following the earthquake I was … read more