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The 1987 Season

The 1987 F1 season followed the pattern of 1986 with the Championship being a contest between the same four drivers and their respective teams – Piquet and Mansell at Williams, Prost at McLaren and Senna at Lotus. Williams once again … read more

The 1986 Season

My personal reminisces of bygone seasons has reached 1986, certainly not one of my favourite periods of Formula One as I was never a fan of the excessively powerful, fuel-guzzling, self-detonating turbos. With the situation getting out of hand (if … read more

Photographing the 2018 Season

  At the end of every season I choose a representative image from each Grand Prix I attended, all taken from the cheapest of general admission areas and hopefully something that captures the nature of the particular circuit or its … read more

The Japanese Grand Prix

There is no getting away from it, a trip to the Japanese Grand Prix involves a lot of travelling and that’s before you take on the daily commute to Suzuka Circuit. After a total of eighteen hours in the air … read more

Shades of 1976.

It was the sort of summer that comes along only once in a generation, if that. Days of endless sunshine, record breaking temperatures, long balmy evenings spent outdoors and the usually green British countryside dusty and parched yellow, looking more … read more

Women Drivers in F1 (or the lack of).

The comments made by ex-racer and current member of the FIA’s Womens Motorsports commission, Carmen Jordá, regarding a separate championship for women were met with some derision by her peers and observers alike. Easy for those already in the sport to … read more

Entertainment or Technical Limitations?

Formula One is not about entertainment, it never has been. That is just a spin-off. It is about technology and performance. The current crop of cars are so aerodynamically efficient they are unable to follow each other close enough to … read more

Historic Formula One

I have a thing for Grand Prix cars of the 1970s and in particular those from 1973 to 1975.   It’s not that I’m stuck in a time warp or necessarily believe that things were better back then, it’s just … read more

The Azerbaijan Grand Prix

I must admit, Azerbaijan had never featured on my list of countries to visit, but once Baku became the latest of Bernie’s unlikely Grand Prix outposts, it was only a matter of time before I would be going there. And … read more

The 1985 Season

My personal reminisces of bygone seasons has reached 1985, one that produced eight different winning drivers from its sixteen rounds as well as the first to be all turbo. The diversity of winners, however, owed as much to the propensity … read more