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Williams – Their Part in My History

Williams are in a bit of a mess at the moment, which is a shame. Not that I have any particular affinity with the team, but they are one of three, along with Ferrari and McLaren, that have been on … read more

The Bahrain Grand Prix

My first visit to the Bahrain Grand Prix last month was also my first return to the Kingdom in forty-six years. It has changed a bit since 1973, they’ve built a race-track for a start. But despite the reclaimed land, … read more

The First Grand Prix of the Season

The first Grand Prix of a new season is always a time of great anticipation – a fresh start, new cars and drivers, maybe a winner totally unexpected. It was, therefore, with a little dismay that I heard the result … read more

Watching Formula One

The approach of a new Formula One season might be a time of interest for me but it is met with total indifference by friends long since disconnected with a sport that once held more than a passing interest for … read more

The 1987 Season

The 1987 F1 season followed the pattern of 1986 with the Championship being a contest between the same four drivers and their respective teams – Piquet and Mansell at Williams, Prost at McLaren and Senna at Lotus. Williams once again … read more

The 1986 Season

My personal reminisces of bygone seasons has reached 1986, certainly not one of my favourite periods of Formula One as I was never a fan of the excessively powerful, fuel-guzzling, self-detonating turbos. With the situation getting out of hand (if … read more

Photographing the 2018 Season

  At the end of every season I choose a representative image from each Grand Prix I attended, all taken from the cheapest of general admission areas and hopefully something that captures the nature of the particular circuit or its … read more

The Japanese Grand Prix

There is no getting away from it, a trip to the Japanese Grand Prix involves a lot of travelling and that’s before you take on the daily commute to Suzuka Circuit. After a total of eighteen hours in the air … read more

Shades of 1976.

It was the sort of summer that comes along only once in a generation, if that. Days of endless sunshine, record breaking temperatures, long balmy evenings spent outdoors and the usually green British countryside dusty and parched yellow, looking more … read more

Women Drivers in F1 (or the lack of).

The comments made by ex-racer and current member of the FIA’s Womens Motorsports commission, Carmen Jordá, regarding a separate championship for women were met with some derision by her peers and observers alike. Easy for those already in the sport to … read more