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Is it Time to Reprofile Eau Rouge?

  I am not qualified to comment specifically on the recent accident at Spa involving Anthoine Hubert and Juan Manuel Correa and it would be inappropriate to do so. But one thing is clear, the fatal collision occurred not on … read more

(Not so Famous) British Drivers at the British Grand Prix

Back in the day when these things were not so tightly controlled it was quite common to see drivers make the odd appearance in their home nation’s grand Prix. Those up-and-coming might be given their chance by an established team … read more

Niki Lauda – His Part in My Formula One Story.

I am not qualified to offer an opinion as to who is the best Formula One driver I have ever seen although I am often asked. But I can say who is the one I admire the most, and that … read more

Farewell Silverstone? You Have Been….Challenging.

I first saw you at the 1975 International Trophy meeting and have been to every Formula One race you have held ever since and probably an equal number of other events too. F3, F2, F3000, Saloon cars, Sports cars, Historics … read more

Williams – Their Part in My History

Williams are in a bit of a mess at the moment, which is a shame. Not that I have any particular affinity with the team, but they are one of three, along with Ferrari and McLaren, that have been on … read more

The Bahrain Grand Prix

My first visit to the Bahrain Grand Prix last month was also my first return to the Kingdom in forty-six years. It has changed a bit since 1973, they’ve built a race-track for a start. But despite the reclaimed land, … read more

The First Grand Prix of the Season

The first Grand Prix of a new season is always a time of great anticipation – a fresh start, new cars and drivers, maybe a winner totally unexpected. It was, therefore, with a little dismay that I heard the result … read more

Watching Formula One

The approach of a new Formula One season might be a time of interest for me but it is met with total indifference by friends long since disconnected with a sport that once held more than a passing interest for … read more

The 1987 Season

The 1987 F1 season followed the pattern of 1986 with the Championship being a contest between the same four drivers and their respective teams – Piquet and Mansell at Williams, Prost at McLaren and Senna at Lotus. Williams once again … read more

The 1986 Season

My personal reminisces of bygone seasons has reached 1986, certainly not one of my favourite periods of Formula One as I was never a fan of the excessively powerful, fuel-guzzling, self-detonating turbos. With the situation getting out of hand (if … read more